Commerce Pulse


Commerce Pulse specializes in delivering cutting-edge data solutions tailored for diverse enterprises, corporate entities, and SMBs. Our expertise spans across multiple domains, offering comprehensive enterprise data services and advanced analytics solutions.


We excel in harnessing the power of data analytics, implementing intelligent automation, and utilizing predictive analytics to drive actionable insights. Our proficiency in managing data, coupled with strategic data architecture and governance, enables us to create robust data warehousing solutions.


With a keen focus on business intelligence and leveraging business analytics software, we assist businesses in optimizing their operations and decision-making processes. Our team comprises skilled business intelligence analyst’s adept at modeling enterprise data, ensuring master data management for effective utilization.


At Commerce Pulse, we champion the integration of cloud migration strategies and innovative approaches like data as a service. Moreover, our expertise extends to unlocking the potential of data monetization, enabling businesses to derive value from their data assets.


In essence, we’re committed to empowering businesses through comprehensive data strategies, enabling them to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of data analytics and business intelligence.


Commerce Pulse is based in the United Kingdom with our branches in Mumbai, India.

We also cater to value-based project consulting services, IT staffing solutions to bring together the finest talent with growing technology ventures across the globe. Our staffing specialists micromanage the complexities of recruitment process for IT companies.

Our Team


Abhiram Gandhe


Ravinder Gujral

Director of Business Development

Sarang Vinay

CRO, Director Indian Operations


CEO, Director Enterprise Business